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The brand name and organization The Brothers Timisela will continue in business form under the name TBT Works. They produce movies from a cultural background. Initially that is the Moluccan culture. Specifically, the culture formed by the Moluccans in the Netherlands. The movies serve multiple goals; entertainment, educational value and contribute to cultural and social awareness. The products are an enrichment for the cultural domain and give insight, understanding en respect in each other’s worlds. The founders of the company are the brothers Henry and Joshua Timisela.


Maluku Cinema is the denominator in which films of high quality are brought on the market. The project falls under the responsibility of Stichting Buah Hati, which is the Moluccan foundation for community development in Tiel. Maluku stands for the cultural background, for the land where we, as movie makers, have our roots. It is also the cultural identity in which we derive our existence. Cinema stands for the art form, for the perception of film in a personal way. In a way that is close to the people. This mission symbolizes our course of action. Close to the people, to share stories that people do not yet know with a bigger audience. For too long the Moluccan culture remained underexposed and it has been shown that this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. In everything we do, the future is our constant aiming point. Obviously from a thorough historical perspective.

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Stichting Buah Hati
KvK nr. 41059579
Lambert Hendriksstraat 10
Postbus 152, 4000 AD Tiel
4001 SP Tiel
+31 (0)344 – 65 40 99



Performed by:
TBT Works
KvK nr. 58904948
+31 (0)344 – 65 40 99



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