Why a Moluccan movie?

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HISTORY – Since the arrival of the Moluccan people back in 1951 there has been a special relation between the Moluccan people and the Dutch people. The Moluccans thought their stay in the Netherlands would be temporary, while the Dutch government didn’t give a clear solution.

The Moluccan soldiers of the KNIL army hoped to return to a free and independent country, but they weren’t heard. There has never been made a movie out of this community since the Moluccan people have been living in the Netherlands. That’s going to change now.

“We will not make a movie about our history,
we’d rather write history with this movie.”

FUTURE – The fictitious story of ‘Jefta’ takes place in present time. The Moluccan community has been in the Netherlands for over 60 years and has preserved and also cultivated parts of their traditions and culture. We see Jefta, a Moluccan guy who is the manager at a clothing store. His future wife is a creative director at an advertising agency. Her name is Nona. They’re going to marry according to Moluccan traditions. The wedding takes place in a Dutch landscape with the warm sounds of singing together, the tifa and the totobuang. It’s a beautiful picture of East and West coming together.

After the wedding, Jefta and Nona go home together. When they arrive at their home, Nona heads for the bedroom, while Jefta is busy in the kitchen. Then he hears a sound. He runs upstairs and discovers that Nona just died. It isn’t a natural death. She seems to be cursed of some kind. In our language that is called Goena-Goena. His ancestors help him to find the one who did it. Will he succeed? During this bizarre journey he meets gangsters, kids with special gifts and fortunetellers. Who can Jefta trust? And whom can’t he trust?

The movie gives you a good insight how the Moluccans live in the Netherlands. How they stand their ground in modern society. We make this movie to show the world who these particular people are. To professionally realize this unique project, money is needed. € 70.000,- to be exact. You can be a part of this project by a financial contribution of your choice. You will receive something for that contribution. What do you receive? Read more about that on this page. Crowdfunding. We’re going to do this together. The movie has got to be ready in the summer of 2014 to be able to enter the Jakarta International Film Festival.

You will write history with your support.

Team Maluku Cinema, 2013/2014

Download the brochure here, in which you can read about how to support this project through crowdfunding

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