What is the movie about?

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Editorial – So we’re making a movie. But what is it about? It’s a question we often get. And how can I support the movie? Another question we get asked often. You’ll get the answer here.

The fictive story ‘Jefta’ is set in the present time. The Moluccan community has been in the Netherlands for sixty years and has managed to keep parts of the traditions and culture and cultivate. We see Jefta, a Moluccan boy who works in a clothing store. He is the manager. His soon to be wife is Nona, she is a creative director in an advertising agency. They’re getting married. Entirely according to the Moluccan tradition. The wedding will take place in a Holland landscape with warm sound of singing together, tifa and totobuang. A beautiful picture where East and West come together.

His ancestors will guide him the way to find the perpetrator. Will he succeed?

Jefta and Nona leave the wedding to go home. When they arrive at their house, Nona goes to the bedroom, while Jefta remains in the kitchen. Then he hears a sound. He quickly goes upstairs and he finds Nona who is dead. It’s not a death of natural causes. She seems to be cursed. Goena-Goena. His ancestors will guide him the way to find the perpetrator. Will he succeed? On a bizarre road he meets fighters, children with a special gift and fortune-tellers. Who can Jefta trust? And who can’t he trust?

This movie gives a good perspective in how Moluccan people live in the Netherlands. And how they maintain themselves in today’s society. We are making this movie to let the world become acquainted with this special community.

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