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EDITORIAL – Since the start of the new FB community ‘MalukuCinema’, lots of people asked us when is the release of the movie ‘Jefta’. We hope we can achieve to bring you the movie in 2015. It’s still a long road, but with your support we will be able to make it along the way.

Talking about support. We’ve got a message from Ferry Maitimu (Bogor, Indonesia), chief editor of the worldwide online community Maluku Satu Darah, he writes us this and we are very thankfull for that:

“Untuk samua basudara Maluku di seluruh dunia, saat ini katong harus bangga dan mari sama2 katorang dukung Maluku Cinema utk kasih kenal Maluku buat dunia. Proyek ini ada, karena basusara di Belanda punya rasa cinta yang besar untuk tanah air Maluku. Mari sama2 katong sombayang deng dukung MC untuk sukses dan biking bangga katong samua bangsa Maluku. #TomaMaju”

MSD image 2

To my Moluccan brothers and sisters worldwide, this is the time we should be proud, so let us all support MalukuCinema and we can show the world about our Moluccan culture. This filmproject is here because our brothers and sisters in The Netherlands want to show their love towards Maluku. Let us all pray and support that MalukuCinema will be a success and that it will make us proud as Moluccan people! #MoveForward

BTW, have you seen the official ‘Jefta’ teaser already? Check this out:



Ferry Maitimu, chief editor online community Maluku Satu Darah

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